User Service

If you have any questions concerning an invoice or a transaction by IP Broadcasting, you'll find the answer here.

User Service

You have ordered a product, a membership our a subscription of a website related to IP Broadcasting's offers. These business cases are handled via '' exclusively.

When the purchase was made, you have received a confirmation e-mail. You can view the necessary information related to your order at any time at the corresponding website's customer support.

If you have any questions concerning an invoice or a purchase by IP Broadcasting, this is the right contact point. Please send us an e-mail containing all relevant data. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Which payment options can I use?
Answer:You can pay by credit card..

Question:Which transaction text will be visible on my credit card statement?
Answer: The transaction text will be neutral. You will read: IPBroadcasting - Grubbenvorst

Question: How can I cancel?
Answer: Please send an e-mail containing your customer ID to

User Contact

You have a question concerning a withdrawal by iP Broadcasting from your credit card account?
Please click here to contact us.